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The Renuka  Wildlife   Sanctuary is  situated in Sirmour District in Himachal Pradesh. The nearest town from the sanctuary Dadahu is  about 2 kms. From Renuka. The Sanctuary is well  connected by the network of  roads. The  total  area   of  the  sanctuary is 402.80 hectare. The entire Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary is comprised of  only  Renuka   Reserve  Forest  and  has   been  declared  as

Renuka Lake

“Abhayaranya” with  no  rights  recognized in this area. Moreover,  an area   of 300 hectare  that  lies  outside  the sanctuary but is contiguous with its boundary has been declared as a buffer belt.

Mata Renuka Ji

The Area  is  commonly  recognized  by  its religious  and   cultural value. Renuka is an abode of temples of  mother  and son duo of Renukaji  and Lord Parshuram. Mythology has it that Renukaji, an incarnation of Goddess Durga, was the wife of Rishi Yamdagini. Parshuram believed to be the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was the youngest of the five sons of the couple. Once to obey the order of his father, parshuram had to serve, the  head of  his mother. After   killing  his mother, however,  he begged  his father to perjure life in his mother, for which the Rishi agreed. Renukaji was extremely beautiful. Sahastarvahu, the emperor wanted to marry her and once when Parshuram was away, he killed Rishi Yamdagini and his four sons to marry 

Renukaji. To escape the clutches of the emperor and  unable to bear  the grief  of the  death of  her husband and four sons, Renukaji jumped into small pond known by the name of the Ramsarover at that time, and disappeared into it. Ever since the lake is worshiped as Renukaji Lake

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The area of the Sanctuary  falls in the bio-geographical zone IV and  bio-geographical  province IV as per the classification done by  the  Wildlife  Institute of India (WII). According   to forest types   classification  by  Champion and Seth, Renuka forest fall under  group 5B/C2 i.e. dry mixed deciduous forest and group 5/051 i.e. dry Sal forest. The area forms northern limit  of  natural  Sal forest   forest  which itself  is limited to

Badaun Dhar. The   forest  of the  area mixed  crop of Anogeissus, Lucinea, Terminalia, Khair, Shisham, Carrie, Cordia and a variety of climbers in moist depressions.

The fauna of the area  including the birds are Lepopard, Samber, Spotted Deer, Barking deer Jackal, Hare, Jungle cat, Plam   Civet, Porcupine,  Blue jay,  Black  Partridge, Drongos,  Hill   Crow,  Scarlet  Minivet,  Bulbul,  Common Cooots, Greenm Pigeons.


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Renuka Ji Lake


Lion Safari

Renukaji Mini Zoo is the oldest Zoo in Himachal Pradesh, Which was initially started during 1957 with rescued, stray and deserted wild animals from the forests. The first animal brought to the Zoo was a male spotted deer named Moti. The visit of Lt. Governor Hon’ble Raja Rajram Bahadur of Bhadari during this time saw the arranging of female chital for Moti. This laid the real foundation of Renuka Zoo. By and by more wild animals like Sambhar, Chinkara, Hogdeer, Black Buck etc. were introduced in the Zoo. All these animals started breeding and multiplying. To accommodate the increasing number of animals, idea of an open park was conceived and the open park was setup in 1983.Black Buck and Nilgai were brought from Pipli Zoo. A pair of Mithun, gifted to the Chief Minister by Sh. Rajiv Gandhi, the then Prime Minister, in 1985, was brought from Arunachal Pradesh and another was brought from Nagaland during 1986.A pair of Lions was brought to Renuka Zoo from Zunagarh during 1975.The Lion was named Raja and the Lioness named Rani. Simultaneously an aviary was also setup during 1998-99.The area does not have any recorded rights except the right to worship in the Renuka

Temple.  To curb the incidence of illicit lopping and grazing, the staff has been strengthened from two Forest Guards for the entire Sanctuary to two beat guards under the charge of one Range Officer who is assisted by one Dy. Ranger.  The periphery of the sanctuary is fenced by inter-linked chain fence to restrict the illegal entry of villagers from surrounding villages to the Sanctuary area.  At present the Lion Safari, Zoo, Aviary and Sanctuary is being managed as Renukaji Wildlife Range Renuka under the administrative control of Shimla Wildlife Division Dear

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Hotel Renuka

The  best    place  to  stay near the lake is
Hotel 'Renuka' run   by the tourism department. In addition to this, an inspection hut of the forest department is also available. A rest house run by State Electricity Board is  situated  about 2Km. away from Renuka lake at ' Dadahu'.

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